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Hi! I’m Bay French. I am the author of (until now) two sci-fi novels, three middle-grade environmental mysteries, and one non-fiction book about AI (all under various pen names). The latest to come out is Celeste Rising, A Space Adventure, first in the Ayla series of books (available on Amazon).

In this newsletter, I’m talking about the process of writing, the tools and the mechanics, and also about my attempts at marketing (which, I hope, will improve in time). I will also post short stories from time to time, and additional material that complements the books: cover art and background on the worlds in which the novels are set.

You’ll also get access to regular updates on my upcoming books, votes on future covers, and notes and gossip from my workshop. See how a book gets written in all the gritty detail of the process, and participate in an ongoing discussion with me and other passionate sci-fi fans.

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Bay French is the author of (at this moment) six books, spanning sci-fi, fantasy, middle-grade and non-fiction. Read the first book of the Space Pirates series for free right here on Substack. Now writing 52 stories in 52 weeks.